The Ceramic Society of Japan Best Student Paper Award



TitleFirst authorAffiliation
Effect of Ag substitution on ferroelectricity in KNbSi2O7Yukio SugaTokyo Institute of Technology
Mechanochemical Synthesis of Na3NbS4 Metastable Phase as Positive Electrode Materials for All-Solid-State Sodium BatteriesAkira NasuOsaka Metropolitan University
Shrinkage-rate controlled flash sintering for 3 – 10 mol%Y2O3-doped ZrO2 polycrystalsMasao KoikeNagoya University


TitleFirst authorAffiliation
Alkali volatilization of (Li,Na,K)NbO3-based piezoceramics and large-field electrical and mechanical propertiesHiroshi NISHIYAMA Nagoya Institute of Technology
Scintillation Properties of Ce-doped LiAlO2 for Neutron Detection Yuma TAKEBUCHI Nara Institute of Science and Technology


TitleFirst authorAffiliation
Synthesis and color development mechanism
of Li2CoTi3O8 cyan pigments: effect of synthetic
Saho KIMURAUniversity of Tsukuba


TitleFirst authorAffiliation
Theoretical estimation of the linear electro-optic effect in compressively strained c-domain (Ba, Sr)TiO3 thin films using a phenomenological thermodynamic modelShinya KONDONagoya University
Evaluation of optical and radio-photoluminescence properties in Ag-doped 30KPO3-70Al(PO3)3 glassesDaiki SHIRATORINara Institute of Science and Technology
Hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical capacitor application of urchin-like NiCo2O4 particles: effect of urea concentrationsKazuki FUKUIUniversity of Tsukuba


TitleFirst authorAffiliation
Experimental visualization of oxide-ion diffusion paths in pyrochlore-type Yb2Ti2O7Wataru UNOTokyo Institute of Technology
Influence of deposition conditions on self-assembled growth of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 nanorods by pulsed laser deposition at elevated oxygen pressure Kazuki OKAMOTONagoya University
Formation of transparent glass-ceramics including thermodynamically metastable cubic phase in Na2Mn0.5Fe0.5SiO4 glass Miyuri TERASAWANagaoka University of Technology